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For sale (preferred) or swap.

Oracle potion lotion, small jar - $1.50

Arcana - samples

The Darling Buds
Death in the Afternoon
Kincardine Maiden
Leaves Falling Like Rain
Philtre #4: Consumed
The Honey Thief
Conjure - decants

Mary Rose 1545 sample

Haunt - samples

Burying Tree
Carpathian Lore

Haus of Gloi - samples
Three Treasures
Nocturne Alchemy
Tut Ankh Amun sample

Solstice Scents - samples
Nag Champa
Patchouli Sweet Wood
Quiet Night

Sweet Anthem - samples

Violette Market - samples
Ghost of the Virgin Bride - 1/2
Hesperian Apples
Miss Susanna West

Arcana Danced to Pieces
Arcana Romani Princess
Arcana The Huntress
Haunt Turkish Cocoa
Haus of Gloi Absinthe
Haus of Gloi Cider Haus
Haus of Gloi Hex
Haus of Gloi Moon Dog
Haus of Gloi Samhain
Haus of Gloi Troika
Haus of Gloi Who Needs Love
Solstice Scents Spring Rain & Cyclamen
Violette Market Mona Christie's Antiques

Live Beautifully lip balm - $3
Warm Pear Cobbler: a sweet, homemade blend of fresh pears and cinnamon buttery crust

Devine lip shimmers - $3 (photos: http://devineshimmers.com/products)
Champagne - light shimmer with a hint of strawberry
Chardonnay - untinted with a light shimmer and hint of vanilla
Bordeaux - deep pink shimmer, black cherry flavor

Magic Hands Workshop
Shea butter soaps, $2.50 each:
Fruit Slices - limes (main note), lemons and oranges

Burt's Bees
Radiance facial cream SPF 15 with royal jelly - $10
Looking to trade for Haunt, Haus of Gloi, Arcana, One Hand Washes the Other, The Morbid the Merrier, and Latherati bath products or decants.  US and Canada only.  Thanks for looking!

scrub -
     Coffee Fiend (x2), decants of Marzipan & Shortbread and Golden Pumpkin
soap -
skin glossing oil -
     sample of Claw & Cobblestone

Savor sale, 50% off

$4.95 for priority flat-rate shipping in the US, unless it is less expensive to ship by weight.  Possibly open to swapping, so make an offer!

Creme Fraiche whipped soap - 8 oz   $6
Frosted Spring Orchard - Frost clinging to balsam fir and cedar trees with light orange, carnation, lily and a cooling touch of eucalyptus.

Supernova - An explosive and bubbly scent of sparkling soda pop and a little hint of ginger!

Creme Fraiche whipped soap - 2 oz   $2

Angelico - The scent is a mouth-watering hazelnut with vanilla and cocoa tones.  (2 jars available.)

Berry Pancakes - Berrylicious preserves drip out and around and all over a stack of fresh pancakes. The berry scent is sweet (a cherry/raspberry/strawberry blend) and the pancake scent is warm and comforting, with a little butter and a little maple.

Earl Grey - A beautiful bergamot and lemon scent.

Fresh Fig and Almond - Fat juicy figs and a rich, creamy marzipan base form an incredibly delicious pairing in this thick scrub. The nutty almond is the dominant note, followed by the sweet fig.

Fresh Snow - A bright and invigorating winter scent. Ozone, icy spring water and juniper comprise this scent.

Lavender - Bergamot, clary sage, light citrus and a hint of eucalyptus.

Moss - Notes of freshly turned earth, budding greens, fresh grass and musk, and the bright, sweet florals of zucchini flower.

Pink Peppercorn - A slightly savory scent blended with very sweet florals, almost like sugared flowers and pepper.

Body mist - 2 oz   $5

Raspberry Walnut Panna Cotta - a rich, sweet Italian dessert of milk, cream and sugar topped with earthy walnuts.

Bar soap samples  $0.50
Black Honey - This is a smoky, deep scent -- strong black tea with a dash of sweet and pure honey.
My Boyfriend's T-shirt - A blend of fresh linen with a small dash of cologne -- comforting, tomboy-ish and enveloping!
Neptune - A sparkly sea-scent, with fresh air, sea kelp, and saltiness, with hints of the woods and a light musk finish.
Princess Bride - Notes of Gardenia, with a dash of vanilla and white lily, and a breath of amber to warm up the scent.
Red Velvet Cake - A rich and buttery bakery scent with hints of red sugar scent and a very small bit of coconut.

Thanks for looking!
I have a few items for sale.  $4.95 for shipping flat-rate unless it is less expensive to ship by weight, then difference will be refunded.  Possibly open to swapping, so make an offer!

Haus of Gloi soap - Vice - $5, Pumpkin Queen, Troika, Black Cherry (2 bars) - $6 each
Haus of Gloi pumpkin butter - Hex - $10
Haus of Gloi lotion - Zazz - $6

Haunt scrub - Autumn Rite - $6
Arcana scrub - Lady Lamb - $10
Savor soap - Lemon Orchard - $4
Savor scrub - Bitter Coffee - $5

Naiad soap - Smoked Balsam - $5
Naiad soap - Raisin Rum Cake - $5
Thanks for looking!

Arcana scrub circle!

I recently discovered Arcana's scrubs and decided they are too awesome not too decant!!  This circle includes 8 scents from this year’s fall/winter releases. 

Prices: 2 oz. scrub: $3.95.
              4 oz. $6.95,
              6 oz. $9.95.

I will be using this site to calculate PayPal fees and will add them to your total. Please allow me to confirm your total before you send your payment.

Shipping: Shipping is $4.95 in the US via USPS Priority Mail.  I will be using padded envelopes, and wrapping jars individually for extra security.  If you are outside of the US, let me know and I will give you a quote.

Note:  I will be placing the order from the SBC in the next day or two.  Depending on interest, I may order a second jar if a scent fills up quickly.

Brighid's Well: Soft vanilla, sweet lamb milk, black oak wood, Atlas cedarwood, cubeb, bone musk, bright Irish violets, bedstraw, and a trace of iron-distilled patchouli. Made with organic sunflower oil, shea butter, and vanilla beans.

2. crime_of_truth

Molly Malone: Cotton candy, sea spray, green sugarcane, salt, pink musk, sweet bergamot, lily of the valley, black pepper, vanilla, patchouli, and the merest hint of aged vetiver. Made with organic sunflower oil, shea butter, and pure cane sugar.

1. crime_of_truth


Lady Lamb Scrub:  Caroline Lamb, Lord Byron's eccentric mistress, was brilliant, beautiful, and infamously obsessed with him. Rich yellow gateau, strawberries, dark clove, vanilla, champagne, and a mad little dash of mint. Made with organic sunflower oil, shea butter, and strawberry fruit.



Leaves Falling Like Rain: In honor of our beloved Pacific Northwest and the best time of the year. A comforting base of brown sugar, caramel, gingersnaps, and cappuccino is sparked off with hints of vintage patchouli, hyssop, white pepper, and a drop of blackseed. Made with organic sunflower oil, shea butter, and finely-ground organic coffee.



Marshmallow: The sweet scent of fluffy white marshmallows combines with vanilla beans, organic sunflower oil, shea butter, and unmitigated delight.



Soot: Pitch-dark chocolate, sticky vanilla resin, black pepper, and traces of opoponax, vetiver, and aged patchouli. Made with organic sunflower oil, shea butter, and organic cocoa powder.



Soft Hearted Scrub:  All tenderness and compassion. This gentle union of pink grapefruit, sweet lavender, green lotus and softest musk is touched off with an arterial spark of black pepper. Made with organic sunflower oil, shea butter, and lavender extract.



Straitjacket: Trust us, it's for your own good. A warm, controlled hug of rich Tahitian vanilla, pumpkin flesh, ginger custard, breadfruit, and  hints of tonka bean, mango, and cinnamon. Made with organic sunflower oil, shea butter, and organic pumpkin fruit.

1. mrsharrylime

Decided spontaneously that I had to go on a serious hike on Sunday ...even though Saturday was nicer by far, the hiking urge could be denied no longer.  Went to the Delaware Water Gap, which is easy to get to and has some nice vistas.  I was poking around the trails for a bit, but wasn't sure I was on the one that had the views I remembered.  So I went back to my car, consulted my map, and decided to take a trail with the shortest distance to an overlook.  While I was in my car it started to rain heavily, so I had a snack and waited for it to taper off.  When I started off again the trail I picked turned out to be a rock staircase,


which was fun, but with each step I was committing myself to making it to the top, where there was another trail that could take me back down, as traversing back down wet rocks was unappealing.  Anyway, after countless corners turned with the trail not ending and the rain having returned, I eventually reached the top, 1,250 feet higher and 1.5 miles from where I started. I was pretty sore at that point, and thought going down would give my muscles a rest but alas my calves were still needed to slow myself down.

Four hours after I started I made it back to my car, invigorated from the exercise and having seemingly stepped into the Lord of the Rings, with all the green canopies and endless fog, but also slightly unnerved by the amount of time I was alone in the rain in the woods.  (Most people left when it started to rain, go figure.)  Would do it again, though will try to stick with nicer days (with more people hiking) for long hikes!!